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Indiana ADR Organizations

Here for your benefit are links to the preeminent ADR organizations, agencies and companies involved in mediation/arbitration within the State of Indiana.

The Academy has worked cooperatively with various bodies to ensure that only the most experienced professionals are included in our member roster. Note though that there are no formal certification requirements for the private practice of mediation or arbitration in Indiana.

State Courts

Judicial Branch of Indiana

Indiana Courts have embraced a number of ADR processes, from mediation and arbitration to mini-trials, summary jury trials to the use of private judges. The Courts maintain a list of accredited mediators, though the requirements for inclusion are minimal compared to NADN's benchmarks. For more information, click here.

Indiana ADR Associations

Indiana Association of Mediators

The IAM is a statewide association of professionals serving the mediation needs of Hoosiers. Established in 1992 as a not-for-profit organization, the IAM is dedicated to the promotion of mediation and the support of professional mediators. IAM maintains a list of members, most of whom are non-lawyers or specialize in family/divorce disputes. (link)  

Indiana State Bar Association: ADR Section

The Bar's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section is working to make ADR an integral part of the judicial system and a first step in resolving conflicts, not an afterthought. Most recently, it adopted a public relations plan to make the general public more aware of the many advantages of mediation. (link)

NADN State Chapters

America's Top Rated Civil Mediators & Arbitrators

Need a mediator or arbitrator from outside of Colorado? NADN is pleased to recognize the most experienced civil/commercial neutrals around the United States, as voted by local litigators. Please feel free to visit our National Directory at www.NADN.org.

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